Google to eat up Facebook – Buzz from Google

Google is all set to take on Facebook head on with its new Google Buzz. Buzz allows you to follow people and share your ideas to the internet world similar to how Facebook does.

Google to eat up Facebook – Buzz from Google Google to eat up Facebook – Buzz from Google

Welcome Google Wave

Google has come up with a new product Google Wave. This time, it’s about conversation and personal file handling and sharing in real-time and in much a better way.

Welcome Google Wave Welcome Google Wave

Translate quick and easy with Microsoft Translator on Apple Watch

07 August 2015

Microsoft Translator has now been added to Apple Watch which can now help translating in a click to more than 50 different languages. The translator can also speak the translated phrases for you which are difficult to pronounce. This is a great add on feature to an already good product from Apple. Adopters of Apple […]

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Microsoft adds Skype for Web Browsers

15 November 2014

All that you would need is a browser if you are on the move and in need to chat or make a client call. Microsoft on Friday released a beta version of Skype plugin for web browsers. This would mean you just need to install a plugin which would run on your browser and you […]

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iOS bug makes iPhones and iPads vulnerable

10 November 2014

Cybersecurity firm FireEye has mentioned that a bug in iOS enables hackers to access Apples devices by persuading its users to install a malicious application. This application is embeded with text messages, emails and web links. The application then replaces genuine trusted applications that were installed through the Apple App Store. It should be noted […]

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Microsoft Partners with Dropbox for Storing Office 365 Docs Online

04 November 2014

Microsoft now would provide Dropbox as an option in both its free and paid versions of Office Online . According to reports, currently 35 billion Office files are stored in Dropbox. With this vast amount of Office files online, partnering with Microsoft will certainly help both ways. Now Dropbox users can collaborate on documents with […]

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Pirate 2.0 Google Algorithm Update

22 October 2014

Google has launched yet another update to its algorithm to fight digital media piracy and software piracy. This affected a large part of well known servers and websites which deal with piracy downloads and sharing. Google has also been looking at promoting its own partners and networks which deal with legitimate sources of music and […]

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Penguin 3.0 Algorithm Update

20 October 2014

Google has again applied a fresh Penguin update after the last Penguin update version 2.1 that happened in 2013. Penguin 3.0 is however a smaller update compared to Penguin 2.1. Google states that the update has affected less than 1% of all US and English lanquage queries in Google search pretaining only to data. The […]

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How to Change the Color of Hyperlink – PowerPoint 2007

02 May 2010

There are two methods to change the color of the hyperlink text while working on MS PowerPoint. By following either of the methods mentioned below, you can change the color of the hyperlink text or at the most, match the color of the hyperlink text with the text that is present on a slide. Point […]

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Google Will Have A Problem – Says Yahoo’s CEO

01 May 2010

It has been pretty obvious that Google has dominated its competitors consistently. Nevertheless, rival Yahoo’s CEO Carol Bartz has pointed out a certain weakness that might cause Google to worry. According to Bartz, “Google is going to have a problem because Google is only known for search. It is only half our business; it’s 99.9% […]

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Google Introduces New Elements to its SERPs

30 April 2010

If you were wondering what the additional elements on Google’s search engine result pages (SERPs) were, here is the answer. The search engine mammoth has introduced a couple of new elements on its results pages. Brand Links: Firstly, it is the availability of ‘brand links’. For instance, if you hit a search for the keyword […]

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Track your lost Website Visitors with MapMyLead

28 February 2010

Nabler Web Solutions, Bangalore has launched an unique web analytics tool, MapMyLead which can help organizations identify individual visitors to their website even if the visitor has not enquired through the website. This useful tool should be highly beneficial for anyone looking at increasing their online sales conversion rates. This powerful application built on ASP.NET […]

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