BBA Madras University Syllabus – ICE

University of Madras – Institute of Correspondence Education

BBA Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Third Year


Main Subjects

Paper XI – Personnel Management and Industrial Relations
Paper XII – Marketing Management
Paper XIII – Business Data Processing
Paper XIV – Business Laws

Application Oriented Subject

Paper XV – Marketing Research

BBA Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Second Year

Main Subjects

Paper VI – Business Economics
Paper VII – Introduction to Operations Research
Paper VIII – Financial and Management Accounting
Paper IX – Production and Materials Management

Allied Subjects II

Paper X – Business Environment

BBA Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), First Year

Foundation Courses

Paper I – Language
Paper II – English

Main Subjects

Paper III – Principles of Management
Paper IV – Business Mathematics and Statistics

Allied Subject I

Paper V – Business Organization

Please note that these syllabus would change based on Madras University decisions. Please check with Madras University to find out the latest Syllabus and the updated subjects.

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  1. Rakesh says:

    hi.. can you give me the topics and potions for business environment?

  2. Physics Textbook says:

    Great article! I’m loving your website;

  3. Pradeep says:

    Where can I find the study material for Financial Management and Accounting? Is it available online?

  4. please send me the syllabus for bba 2005-2008 for services marketing mix, business regulatory framework, international trade

  5. selva says:

    I need syllabus and content of 3 rd semester madras university computer application(MAM3H) Paper.

  6. banu says:

    hi i need cost and management book Author Name to cover that subject easily

  7. Kavitha says:

    please send me the Latest syllabus for BBA Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Second Year…

  8. uday ghosh says:

    hi,i need one confromation from you, for bba 2 nd year english foundation 2, communicative english 2 is mandatary to give exam? Pls help me.

  9. shebilin says:

    where i can buy 1 st year subjects guides?

  10. Sathish says:

    Hai iam 2006 batch i have harrier in 1st,2nd,3rd year, I need to clear the harrier paper, kindly confirm it is possiable. (I got courese complet certificate)

  11. pradeep padhi says:

    hi.. im a student of BBA madras university I D E i want old books of 2nd year bba & syllabus pls help me…


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