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Google Analytics Automatic Email Schedule

Google has come up with automatic email schedules where Analytics reports are sent in Daily (sent each morning), Weekly (sent each Monday), Monthly (sent first day of each month) orQuarterly (sent first day of each quarter). They have all popular formats PDF, XML, CSV and TSV. These reports can also be sent to others with […]

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Google to treat Subdomains as Folders

Google will be treating sub domains similar to how folders are treated on a site. Matt Cutts from Google reported this update. He also did mention that Google will soon be treating even subdomains and subdirectories in the same way. He informed that there would be a total of only two URLs in any set […]

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Secret of SMOs

The success of SMO lies on the topic of discussion. The more interesting and exciting the topic is the more the clicks and discussions. A detailed analysis of the area of expertize has to be done on the social community and then SMO has to be lead forward for better traffic and search engine rankings

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Technorati’s Blog Authority has included the Technorati Authority for blogs listed on the Blog page and in search results. This update changed the earlier references of “N blogs link here” and “X links from Y blogs” with the single Technorati Authority number. On the blog page, we also show the Technorati Rank. Technorati Authority is the number […]

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SEO Mind Crime

An UK marketing firm CEO Anthony Fallon stated that SEO is dead and it’s a waste of time and money to a business and brought in an example of a keyword “SEO Mind Crime”. He said he was able to rank the keyword quickly. It is believed that he declared this just to get some […]

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AOL and Sony to Make AOL Video Available Through New Sony BRAVIA™ Internet Video Link

LAS VEGAS – AOL and Sony Electronics, Inc. announced today that the companies will work together to make content from AOL Video ( available through Sony’s new BRAVIATM Internet Video Link, which was unveiled this afternoon at the CES Show. This first-of-its-kind Sony feature, which will be available this summer on a majority of 2007 […]

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Google Unveils New Site for Webmasters

Google has launched a new website called Webmaster Central. The new site has a wide range of webmaster tools to assist webmasters improve their search engine optimization and also find out more about how their werbsites are being indexed by Google. This new site has access to statistics, diagnostics and site maps. Google has also […]

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Yahoo to settle “Click Fraud” lawsuit

Considered one of the highest settlements ever, Yahoo Inc informed that it would refund money to thousands of advertisers as early as January 2004. However, the agreement would not limit Yahoo’s liability. Preliminary approval was given to the agreement by the United States District Judge in Los Angles. Due to this outcome, Yahoo has assured […]

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