bomb blast

Bomb blast reported in Jyoti Kuchi in Guwahati

One Killed. Ten Injured.
A bomb blast has been reported in Jyoti Kuchi in Guwahati on Tuesday evening. Intelligence officials informed that at least one person died and 10 were injured in the blast.

It should be noted that Union Minister of India, Pranab Mukherjee was supposed to hold a rally on Tuesday. Yesterday, Union Minister Pranab had given a press conference making a strong statement against terrorism while campaigning in Jangipur. Read the full story

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3 Terrorists have been killed | Mumbai Terrorist Attacks

Security forces are still engaged in gunfights with terrorists at luxury hotels Taj Intercontinental and Trident after armed gunmen went on a rampage in Mumbai on Wednesday evening.

Six blasts were heard at Taj and one at Trident (formerly Oberoi). Fire was still raging in the old wing of the Taj hotel several hours after it was rocked by five to six blasts and enormous clouds of black smoke rose from the century-old edifice on Mumbai’s waterfront. Read the full story

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Two gunmen inside Taj Hotel | Mumbai Terrorist Attacks

7 foreigners are among 15 taken hostage by 2 gunmen in Taj Hotel in Mumbai.

Two terrorists carrying guns tonight took 15 people, half of them foreigners, hostage on the roof of the luxury Taj Hotel here, one of the hostages who managed to escape said.

Two youths in their 20s came to the restaurant of the hotel and took 15 people to the roof of the hotel, Rakesh Patel, a businessman from London who lives in Hong Kong, told NDTV giving the first eyewitness account of what happened in the five-star hotel in South Mumbai. Read the full story

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Army Enters Oberoi Hotel | Mumbai Terrorist Attacks

Army personnel enteredTrident (formerly Oberoi Hotel) in South Mumbai to flush out terrorists. Read the full story

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Terrorists Attack Mumbai

It’s now Mumbai. After series of bomb blasts all over India recently, Mumbai has again become the target for terrorists. Heavy exchanges of gunfire were taking place at around 2 this morning between police and terrorists, who were holed up in two luxury hotels in south Mumbai, after the worst terrorist attack in India had seen at least 80 people killed and over 150 injured. Policemen outside the Taj Hotel, Mumbai

The army was called out as terror attacks swept through the city late at night, with a third 5-star hotel in a suburb also having came under attack. Police claimed to have killed two terrorists, even as a police vehicle was hijacked by the attackers. Read the full story

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Bomb Blast in Ahmedabad

16 Serial Bomb Blasts in Ahmedabad

After the Bomb Blasts in IT capital of India, Bangalore two days back, its now Ahmedabad. A stunning 13 bomb blasts have taken place in Bapu anagar, Maninagar, Isanpur, Narol Circle, Narodha Patiya, Hatkeshkar and Hakar areas in 15 minutes of Ahmedabad today. Eighteen people have died in this shocking Ahmedabad bomb blast.

The bomb blasts have happened starting at 6:45 pm to 7:00 pm today. Bapu Nagar faced the first blast happened near Danmanthri Hospital. Bapu Nagar is a very crowded area anytime and is called the diamond city of India with a lot of diamond workers.

A CNG bus was blown away completely during the blast in Sarkhej. Initial reports also state other areas had blasts using cycles and tiffen boxes.

48 have been injured in the blasts and have been admitted in the hospital. Awaiting further news.

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