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How to Add Google Search to Typepad Blog

One option is to use the Google Search box provided by Google Adsense. If you do not have a Google Adsense account and need a simple Google search box, the follow the steps below. (more…)

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Google’s Search Wiki for Custom Search

Have you ever disagreed to a Google search result? Wanted to annotate a result page or even delete or add your favorite websites on your searches? SearchWiki from Google exactly does that. Though SearchWiki has been on an experiment for a long time, starting from Thursday it would be available by default for anyone who’s […]

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81 percent of Indians Prefer Google Search

The recent reports by comScore reveals that 81% of internet searches done in India were using Google sites. This shows Google’s monopoly in the country which has the world’s second largest population. Google reported 1 billion searches in June which is an 81 percent of the total searches done. Google’s dominion was followed in a […]

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Google Results Change More Often

Gone are the days when a site used to stay in a position for months even years. It is now been seen that the results have a lot of difference day after day and computer to computer. So, if your website shows up at No.1 position do not be surprised if it shows in the […]

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Google Search on Nokia Mobiles

Nokia informed that it would incorporate Google’s search engine into Nokia Mobile applications for search. Notably, Google is the most popular search engine covering more than 60% of the world’s search volume and Nokia is the world’s largest cell phone maker. (more…)

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